Academic Programs


Our core program offers small class sizes, a standard class schedule, enrichment activities stimulating the mind, recess, and rest times. We believe in smaller class sizes so that each dog can receive individualized attention. Students will receive close to equal time in class and at rest. Our teachers will be reinforcing good behaviors and appropriate play and discouraging negative behaviors and inappropriate play. Our classes will be focused on the basics: sitting, stay, recall, on-lead walking, manners, and exercise.

Puppy Pre-school

We welcome puppies ages 8-16 weeks. In our care, pre-schoolers will be kept separate from the rest of the students. The focus of this early education will be socialization, appropriate play, early exposure to common items known to cause stress or confusion (bicycle, umbrella, vacuum cleaners), body familiarity, and rest times. This curriculum is essential to parenting a social, well adjusted, adult dog.


Pups in our facility will find comfort during their rest times in a suite system that is top of the line in safety. Each dog will have an individual suite that is maintained with the industries best practices for cleaning and disinfection to promote health and well-being. The suites feature solid walls so the dogs can hear and smell each other to get a sense of community but aren’t over stimulated by being able to see dogs in adjoining suites. Boarders will participate in the class schedule alongside daycare only dogs. After an exciting day at play, our pups sleep soundly in their own personal space.


We work with local certified trainers to offer positive reinforcement training classes ranging from “Basic obedience” to “Tricks.” Classes will be offered periodically depending on interest and availability. Additionally, we will be focusing on the basics: sit, stay, and recall as part of the daily curriculum for all dogs.

Spa Services

Our Spa offers baths, pawdicures (Nail Trims,) Ear cleaning, toothbrushing, Deshedding brushouts, and full grooming (Haircuts, by appointment).