Join Our Faculty

The initial growth of Mutty Paws was spurred by the community’s response to the values of putting dogs first. Mutty Paws was the first large dog daycare center in Southern Maine to organize small group sizes to be sure each pup receives the attention he/she deserves. We employ extra staff to care for these groups, clean after them, and organize them daily. We work to help parents when they are struggling with unwanted behaviors and we show love and care with every interaction with our clients. The new Mutty Paws Academy will carry on these responsibilities and has added a new goal of being the best dog daycare to work for in the state of Maine! We have carefully selected our faculty members from our existing South Portland staff and from a new pool of candidates that are aspiring to make dog care a career and not just a job. We provide our team ongoing training to be able to spot behaviors in dogs that might indicate stress, discomfort, or some other need. We will work with the teachers to coach on appropriate play styles and positively reinforce behaviors like sitting before moving through an entry way and not jumping on people.

To reach our goal of being the best pet care employer, we are offering mostly full-time positions that include an option for health insurance and retirement benefits. We administer our “catch a co-worker doing something right” program to promote positive feedback amongst our staff and facilitate a friendly team atmosphere. Mutty Paws management will feature an employee of the month in the lobby so our clients will learn a bit more about the amazing team members that are caring for their loved-ones.

If you have a passion for working with dogs and feel you would bring a hard work ethic, compassion, and teamwork to our faculty, please email your resume to