We offer two different pricing structures, Enrollment and Non-Matriculated. 


We offer discounted daycare pricing for all enrolled customers. These customers will take advantage of a daily rate of $39 for 1, 2 or 3-day and $35 per day for 4 days or more enrollment.  Payment will be charged to a credit card automatically at the end of each week preceding the enrollment week and charged regardless of whether the student will be in attendance. Customers who enroll for 3 or more days weekly will enjoy a free bath monthly.


The daycare rate for Parents who do not enroll their dogs is $42 per day. Scheduling is required so please be sure that you have scheduled online or called ahead to check availability before dropping in.

Evaluations (Non-refundable)

1 dog - $45

2 dogs - $75

3 dogs - $100

$45/day                 (AP $60/day)
Enrolled Students 1-3 days per week
$42/day                 (AP $55/day)
Enrolled Students 4 or more days per week
$38/day                 (AP $50/day)
Overnight* (in addition to Daycare)
Spa Services
Bath  (Dependent on size and type of coat)
$30 and up
De-shedding brushout
Ear Cleaning
Pawdicure (Nail Trim)
Mutty Works (Bath, Brush, Ear Cleaning, and Pawdicure. Dependent on size and type of coat)
$55 and up
De-Skunk Bath
$35 (in addition to regular bath rate)
Flea Bath
Full Groom (Dependent on size and cut requested)
Teeth Brushing
Massage (10 minutes)
One-on-one Bedtime Cuddle (10 minutes)
Frozen Kong - PB, Pumpkin, Wet food
Personalized 20-minute one-on-one Playtime
Scheduled after hours drop-off or pick-up during staffed hours (when lobby is closed)**
Unscheduled late pick-up ***
$1/min (up to $30)
No Call/No show (Non-matriculated Daycare reservation)

*Boarding pricing includes daycare until 10:00 AM on day of pick-up. Pick-up after 10:00 AM incurs additional daycare. Deposit Required.

Cancellations prior to 2 days of drop-off will be credited to customer account for future services. Deposits on Cancellations less than 2 days prior to drop off will be forfeited.

**This charge applies to hours when our staff is onsite but the lobby is closed. Hours of Operation are M-F 6am-7pm, S-S & Holidays (pick up and drop off) 8am-10am, (pick up only 3pm-5pm.) Arrangements must be made in advance.

***Without previous arrangements. Up to 30 minutes, afterwhich dogs will be fed and boarded for the night. Additional charges will apply, see Parent Handbook for details.

Military Discount Available to Service men/women/spouses—Call for Details

Gift Cards Available