Welcome to Mutty Paws Academy

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Maine's first upscale dog daycare, premium boarding, training, and spa facility.

The Mutty Paws philosophy is that we always put your dog first. Our state-of-the-art facility is built with the finest materials and equipment in the pet care industry to keep your pet safe, clean, happy, and healthy. Combine the facility with our philosophy which puts your dogs’ success first in decision making and a staff that is well trained and passionate about what they do, and the result is Mutty Paws Academy! Take a tour and read more about the facility and services that Mutty Paws Academy offer that sets it apart from all the rest.

Our Services


Pups in our facility will find comfort during their rest times in a suite system that is top of the line in safety.


Our core program offers small class sizes, a standard schedule for the day, enrichment activities stimulating the mind, recess, as well as rest times.


Our Spa offers baths, Pawdicures (nail trimming), ear cleaning, toothbrushing, and de-shedding brushouts.


We offer positive reinforcement training classes for dogs of all ages and skill levels.

Why Mutty Paws Academy?

Bringing your pet to us here at Mutty Paws Academy is a great idea when you're on vacation, if your pup needs training, or if they just need a friend or two. Your furry family member will be taken care of by trained professionals who understand your pet’s behavior and needs. We will always provide high-quality care, ensuring that your dog is safe, comfortable, and happy while you're away. This is an excellent way for any dog to work on meeting friendly fresh faces. 

We also offer opportunities for your dog to socialize with other dogs. This will be a valuable experience for your pet, as it allows them to interact with other animals, which can improve their social skills and overall well-being. Besides that, a professional dog boarding facility like ours eliminates the need to ask for favors from loved ones. Plus, we are locally operated right here in Scarborough, Maine!

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Brown and white dog holding yellow ball with two dogs following.

Safety and Security

We are equipped to handle emergencies and ensure the safety and security of the dogs in our care. Here at Mutty Paws Academy - we have secure fencing, first aid supplies, and a fully trained staff to respond to any issues that may arise. When you're on vacation, on a work trip, or just at your daily 9 to 5, you want to enjoy your time without worrying about your dog's well-being. Knowing that your pet is in the hands of experienced caregivers will provide you with peace of mind. Please, allow us to help you relax so you can fully enjoy your vacation, work trip, or day.



Oh, my goodness! Our sweet girl LOVES her Mutty Paws family - and so do her parents! We're so happy to have this home away from home where we get the best care and love for our little Ella pup. Courtney and her staff are always professional, kind, prompt; you drop off and pick up knowing your fur baby has been in the best hands with the best trainers! All the smiles, tail wags, thumbs up, high fives, and stars for this premiere pup facility!


Our dog Lloyd can be a little bit of a handful sometimes, mixed with anxiety, he isn’t always a good fit for doggy daycare. Well, the folks at Mutty Paws really changed that! I applied online and received a phone call within 5 minutes of submitting! Courtney, the GM, was great with Lloyd on his initial exam day and official entry into the program. He loves the smaller class sizes and the individual break time on his enrolled class day. We also had great luck with their boarding program. We received a daily report card, and it gave us the right amount of information to help ease our own anxiety while traveling. The staff is wonderful, kind, and knows who we are and who we are picking up when we arrive! 10 out of 10 recommend!


Amazing doggie daycare and boarding! The attention and care at Mutty Paws are second-to-none. The facility is clean and organized. Play time isn't just a free-for-all with lots of different dogs in a play area with little supervision - it's smaller groups of well-matched dogs, great supervision and structured play - like sending your dog to school. Our dog is very friendly but can be a little timid sometimes... but he gets so excited when we pull into Mutty Paws and can't wait to get inside. The times that we have boarded him here, we could tell he had a great time and wasn't stressed about not seeing his family for a few days. Based on how much our dog loves spending time at Mutty Paws... we know he is in great hands!